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Welcome to my story about my journey of life so far… I like to see life as an art, particularly dramatic art, perhaps because of my creative nature. I envision it as an improvised play (at times a forum theatre production) where we all have our own roles & scenes introducing us to different characters & events.

I’ve been given this opportunity from Quy Ma to introduce myself to you & I’m delighted to do it!

Who Am I?

We begin our life’s journey learning about things, our curiosity has no fear, yet we spend our lifetime…

Past Life Regression — Were you here before?

Reincarnation is the belief that our souls extend lifetimes. It is reborn many lifetimes and repeats this cycle again and again. Some believe the only way to break the cycle is to achieve enlightenment.

Reincarnation was not something I believed in, yet recently I became interested in finding out more about it.

I took to YouTube and began exploring several videos about what people believe about reincarnation & discovered many people from different walks of life; young, old, religious & non-religious talking about their experiences through a method of past life regression.

I also researched online, social media sites, spiritual…

They had names

They are not numbers
They had names
They had families & friends
Now all that's left is pain

London's streets cry out
with their blood
victims; girls, boys, men & women
Retired, working, going to school, living

They are not numbers
They had names
They had families & friends
Now all that's left is pain

Some so young like Perry
So many will miss him
He was one of our own
Now it's all a memory... …

Happy Mother’s Day
To all the mothers who have raised decent humans
To all who embraced their life long role
And graced their children with love

Happy Mother’s Day
To all the mothers who struggle
To feed their children,
All those who suffer
With how difficult their children can be

Happy Mother’s Day
To those who try their best
And are shown no respect or appreciation

Happy Mother’s Day
To those who agonizingly gave birth
To a still born
To those who had to bury their child

Happy Mother’s Day To those who are or were great role models To…

What will happen if you do?

Sitting alone, many years ago as a 17-year-old, the smooth, whispering & beckoning calls of my name were echoed through the stillness of the darkness…

I looked around, nothing but the familiar shadows of my bedroom stared back. My siblings were sound asleep in their rooms & my parents were downstairs, I knew it wasn’t any of them…

I got into bed, shrugging it off while thinking it was my imagination playing games, perhaps I was just too tired, time to sleep.

Looking back, I know this wasn’t wasn’t my imagination, why you may ask? I know this based on…

Are people really this flaky?

In 2020, Corona decided to take a trip worldwide while trapping everyone inside and stealing their normal, daily lives so it could show its disgraceful self.

Many people protested, did tests, cancelled plans, worked from home, others became furloughed. Some became more anxious, more fearful while others became angry at the propaganda & at the few that were getting rich of Big Pharma while businesses closed, others died & couldn’t attend funerals. The negative impact could take up this whole article but there is one we’re going to discuss.

Whatever your views are on Corona, there is one thing I…

When words speak louder than actions…

Many writers use social media to boost their views and to connect with other fellow writers. Sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Quora, LinkedIn provide groups/pages where this can be done.

Some writers post daily, others less frequently & this can really boost their views, claps & connections (followers/fans).

On one particular social media group, I’ve discovered fantastic writers on Medium who I’ve certainly become a fan of. These writers express their author voice, create witty pieces and often open the door to their cultures & life experiences. …

The times you want to laugh & know you shouldn’t!

Children come out with the funniest things at times, their imagination, cheeky nature & curiosity as well as coupled with bizarre spelling mistakes can often have a teacher in stitches during a long day at work.

Although in these times, a lot of teaching is now through a screen, we are going to reminisce about the times at school when children can have the teachers laughing even though they shouldn’t.

Laughter is a great sign that you are enjoying the moment. In my classes, I often enjoy laughing with my students, yet there were times in the past where I…

Motivational poetry

Your mind is a vast machine
That will give to you
Challenges and hopes to achieve
Even the smallest wish…
Yet you don’t perceive
The understanding of what this genius machine
Can do that for you!

If only you took time for you
Do you need love?
Well start with yourself
Loving yourself is the key
To create a brighter destiny

Do you need time?
Use your mind to find ways to create this time
Are you too busy wasting time?
Time is a gift
Don't ignore this goldmine

Do you need money? Analyze your skills and your unique gift…

It felt that they were moving from place to place with us!

Have you ever experienced the world of the spiritual realm? If you have, you’d most likely know that it can evoke a range of feelings e.g. peace, harmony, joy, surprise & the negative feelings such as fear, uncertainty & confusion.

I’ve experienced all those feelings when it comes to the spiritual realm & today we’re going on a journey back to a time in my life when I experienced the latter part of the emotions.

My husband & I exhausted from our flight, checked into our Airbnb apartment, briefly looked around & knew we’re going to be glad to be…

C S Bhambra

TEFL teacher | MFL teacher | Business woman Passionate about languages, writing, drama, music, psychology & positivity!

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